PartyDAO Updates: June 24, 2021

Here’s a brief digest of what's been happening in PartyDAO over the past few weeks.

Smart contract development

After discussing several proposed solutions for party-controlled NFT sales, our solidity team decided to integrate for the V1 product. This decision simplified the scope of our smart contracts and improved our product launch timeline. We plan to expand the possibilities for party-controlled sales in future versions.

Additionally, a new proposal was passed this week to fund a security-focused review of the PartyBid V1 smart contracts.

Alex Towle, who has worked as a solidity developer at 0x and Authio, will be performing this review over the next week, conducting a line-by-line review of our solidity code to look for vulnerabilities and unexpected edge cases.

In the meantime, our contracts have been deployed to Rinkeby so that frontend development can move forward.


PartBid V1 designs are now complete. Over the past couple weeks, Callil and Kiran collaborated in Figma to get designs ready for handoff to frontend development.

Small design adjustments will continue being made over the next couple of weeks while frontend development is under way.

Draft screen design from PartyBid V1
Draft screen design from PartyBid V1

Launch planning and publicity

Though slightly delayed, the BlockParty podcast will be recorded early next week, featuring Anna Carroll, Anish Agnihotri, and Jesse Walden, all of whom will share thoughts and ideas around the PartyBid product and participation in PartyDAO more generally.

Frontend development

Anish kicked off frontend development this week, and we plan to have PartyBid V1 deployed to a staging environment by early next week.

We'll then transition into bug bashing and UI iteration to polish the end-to-end user experience.

Stay tuned

That's it for the past few weeks. Lots of things are coming together for PartyBid as we complete frontend development, smart contract review, and design iterations simultaneously. Stay tuned at @prtyDAO on Twitter for future updates.

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