Introducing Party - Multiplayer for Ethereum

Today, PartyDAO is excited to announce our brand new product, Party.

Party lets groups of any size use Ethereum together. It’s available now at

Parties can now access all of Ethereum. Use DeFi, collect NFTs, play games, run a project, and more. Just create a group, make decisions, and take action together on-chain.

More capable than a multisig, less work than a DAO

Party gives your group on-chain superpowers that let you go fast and have fun. Create a nimble group wallet or an internet-scale organization.

It's fast: Parties can move quickly with crowdfunds and lightweight voting.

It's flexible: Parties can do anything on Ethereum and work at any scale, whether it's 5 people or 5,000.

It's fun: Parties are a social experience, enhanced with NFT memberships and a consumer-grade app.

Making Crypto Multiplayer

Ethereum has the potential to unlock new kinds of social coordination on the internet, but this potential has been out of reach for most...until now.

Join the Party and experience Ethereum in multiplayer at

It's not a multisig. It's not a DAO. It's a Party.

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