The All New PartyBid

Today, we’re launching an all new version of PartyBid. This new release brings multiplayer functionality to the entire NFT ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities for group coordination.

Starting today, Parties can do anything together, making them a powerful tool for groups of any size. Head to to try it out now.

How it Works

Parties provide three main capabilities, covering the full life cycle of interacting with NFTs:


PartyBid lets groups of people crowdfund an NFT purchase in several ways. Parties can bid in an auction, purchase a fixed-price listing, or raise ETH to buy any item in a given collection. This functionality is designed to be flexible and secure:

  • Any marketplace: PartyBid supports purchases on OpenSea, Zora, and Foundation, with the ability to integrate any other marketplace.

  • Public or Private: For large groups with a shared goal, public Parties allow anyone to join. For smaller groups who want to be tightly coordinated, Parties can be made private based on an allow list, NFT holdings, or ERC-20 token balances.

  • Trustless: Smart contracts ensure that every Party either buys its target NFT or refunds contributors.

Owning & Using

Parties can now do anything together on-chain, coordinated as a group. Once a Party purchases an NFT, members can create and vote on proposals for things to do. PartyBid supports calling any smart contract function, allowing Parties to unlock the full value of their NFTs. This allows for all kinds of actions:

  • Mint a derivative project

  • Vote in a DAO

  • Claim an airdrop

  • Interact with any other smart contract

Parties let their members move quickly without getting caught up in a slow governance process. Members simply vote to accept proposals they support. When a proposal passes, it can move forward without waiting around for a fixed voting period. Voting delegation allows for efficient decision-making, and Party Hosts can veto unsafe proposals.

Each Party can be configured with flexible governance settings based on the preferences of its creator. Proper on-chain guardrails are built in; PartyBid makes sure NFTs are never accidentally transferred or sold.


Parties can also sell their NFTs in a variety of flexible ways. Party members can vote to sell on major marketplaces:

  • OpenSea: Sell at a fixed price on OpenSea via the Seaport Protocol, with a safety auction to ensure fair pricing

  • Zora: List for auction on Zora at a specific reserve price

  • Fractional: Turn an NFT into ERC-20 tokens via

  • And more: PartyBid is powered by the Party Protocol, allowing for more marketplaces to be added over time

Once sold, Party members can claim ETH or tokens, based on their ownership in the Party.

Introducing Party Cards

The entire PartyBid experience now features on-chain memberships called Party Cards. Every member of a Party gets one in their wallet.

Party Cards are three things in one:

  1. Voting rights: Create and vote on proposals, or delegate votes to someone else

  2. Ownership: Claim ETH or ERC-20 tokens from the Party when available

  3. Dynamic Interface: A live display of Party activity, rendered on-chain

Party Cards are NFTs, so they can be transferred or used via all your favorite apps and marketplaces. They're also customizable and available in every color.

Powered by the Party Protocol

PartyBid is powered by the Party Protocol, an open protocol for on-chain group coordination. As the protocol develops, new functionality and integrations can be added to PartyBid over time:

  • Additional methods for starting a Party, including new crowdfund methods

  • Additional marketplaces for selling

  • Additional support for specific proposal types, allowing Parties to deeply integrate with new protocols and applications

To view more or get involved with the Party Protocol, view it on GitHub.

Built by PartyDAO

PartyBid is built by PartyDAO, a decentralized software organization building multiplayer crypto software. To learn more about PartyDAO, follow along on Twitter or visit the Jobs page.

Ethereum has continued to evolve and introduce new use cases for NFTs. PartyBid aims to act as a multiplier on those use cases by making them available to groups of people, creating new ways to coordinate with more agency and less overhead. To see the new PartyBid in action, head to, or learn more at the PartyBid Knowledge Base.

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